Monday, 9 September 2013

Institution and Audience: The Conjuring

I wanted to go and see the conjuring because I have an interest in paranormal horror films, and also a lot of my friends have seen it and demanded that I go and see it.

I also went to see it as the short trailer was very gripping and I wanted to see what else the film had in store. Also the film has had a large advertisement world wide, and this influenced me to want to see it as it is advertised EVERYWHERE! (e.g. billboards, TV, internet and magazines)

The plot of the film began to get quite complicated as the film went on, but this added to the unpredictable feel of the film. Staying true to the genre, the film kept me on the edge of my seat as the use of music and superb timing had me screaming like a girl. I really did enjoy the film, however the creators could have tried a bit harder to me more different from films such as paranormal activity and insidious.

The use of aspects from a real life story helped it to become more realistic and in turn more enjoyable. The film was successful in having the audience fearing for their lives, and also to have the audience thinking about the event that occurred in the film a long while after the film had finished. On of the factors that made is slightly unenjoyable was that the cinema was slightly too warm, and this made it hard for me to concentrate in the film.

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